#AamirKhan suffers a serious shoulder injury.

Aamir suffers a serious shoulder injury on the sets of Dangal

Aamir Khan’s much talked about biopic, Dangal, has taken a toll on his health. The actor hasn’t used a body-double in the film and seems like the exertion has proven to be too much for him. The film’s Ludhiana schedule had to be abruptly stalled on November 14, when the actor, who has been shooting in the city for the last 40 days, collapsed on the sets at the Guru Nanak stadium. “Aamir had been filming a long action sequence that required multiple takes from different angles. When he slumped during the final take, the unit thought he had pulled a muscle. He was in excruciating pain even after half an hour of rest and ice packs. He couldn’t even stand up. He was then rushed to the hospital where it was diagnosed that he had suffered a serious shoulder injury,” the actor’s spokesperson has been quoted as saying in a report. Bollywood’s perfectionist is flying down to Mumbai for further treatment.

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