#Kahani by Ankita Yadav

A story of good & bad friend…
Artwork & Written by- ankita yadav
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In today’s world, It is very difficult to know exactly who is your friend and who is enemy.
Sometimes we thought “ ya he is my best friend. He is so caring for me , he love me so much. But do you really know what he really thinks about uh from his heart, is really he is your well wisher or he is just with you for any reason.
How can you distinguish between your friend and enemy, may be you take person as your enemy is your friend and to whom you think your friend is you enemy.
Well these things are so complicated, really it takes your mind to recognize who is real with you because our heart is so emotional. If your friend is with you because both of you like the same thing or have the same interest or have a specific reason why he is with you, he is not your friend.
If he is really your friend there shouldn’t be a reason. Because if he is with you for any reason, when the reason is gone, he shouldn’t be and shouldn’t want to be your friend anymore. A true friend includes empathy, the ability to withhold judgement, effective listening skills and the ability to offer support in both good or bad times.
One who is enemy in the form of your friend can hurt you the most. They may want you just for themselves, lower your confident, leave you unsure about who you are and can destroy your life totally.
I learned this all of a sudden when my so called best friend ditches me and one of my friend whom I did not take seriously comes out like a angel for me.
I want to Synopsys one incident of my life when I got to know who is my true friend.
I could recall my forgotten memories when we are in nursery.
I don’t of course, remember the exact when I met Amithi (my childhood best friend) for the first time , it was too long ago. As she enter in class , she was crying very badly. She was like I don’t want to stay here father. Her father was a businessman and her mother was a house wife.
My class teacher came and said don’t cry, go and sit with Ankita. At that time, I was like oh my god, How can I tolerate her coz she was screaming very badly.
Well I can’t do anything because it’s a order from my favorite teacher. I was liked by all my teacher for my dedication, and obedient nature. I always craved popularity, I was the monitor of my class. Well, as the days passed, I got to know that she is an interesting person. She was not so good in studies but she was full of energy, her mind brimming mischievous pranks.
Then ,I starting love her company. We start playing and doing stupid things together. Later we grew up, doing homework together and sometimes its me who did her homework too.
My world revolved around Amithi and I almost her well wisher. Any fight with her would see me upset for days. Anyone who said anything wrong about her had definitely beaten by me.
There was hardly anything that we had not shared with each other as friend-from our lunch box to our top secrets. …………….
So together we passed our childhood and exciting teen years. Then we enter in high school, thatmean the burden of studies. Whole day we were running for coaching and school. There was no time for fun remain at all. Inspite of that much pessure of studies and parents, we snatch 10 minutes for that street food which was the best part of our day. Everything was going smoothly, then a boy named Manu entered in the life of Amithi to whom she met in the marriage of her cousin. They became friend and start talking eachother. Now most of the time of Amithi was spent with manu and rest of the time he makes me bored by telling all the time ‘you know what manu said this to me that to me..blah blah..’. I really didn’t like him or somewhere I was jealous with him because he stole my friend. Her conversation with him became long and long and with me in just one or two words. I became habitual of that but I was not that much happy .
One day Amithi introduce me with vishnu- big brother of Manu who was one year older than him. He was very simple, social and a silent loving person. He did not talking with no reason at all and the most impressive thing about him that he always ready to help needy person. We did not talk each other that much but yes we were good friends. More than a friend, for me he was like a person who guide me about wrong and right things. He love to do it for me but sometimes i did not take him seriously. Like he always used to said that Amithi is not good friend for you I observed her, in future you have to pay for this friendship with Amithi. And as you all know at that time Amithi means a lot for me. So , I alway ignored him whenever he tried to explain me about it.
Days passed away , the most horrible time for students come- Exam time. Most of the students bowing down their heads in his books try to memorised every lesson and some were pritty cool. They had no any tension about exam, they were totally careless. May be they knew that they will not pass even if they study. I was very nervous, I know that I will pass with good marks but that tension for exam did not leave my mind for a second.
At the evening, Amithi came to my house and told me that she and Manu planned for a outing before exam. I was shocked afer listening that . I said are out of your mind we have exam soon and you are planning for an outing. Don’t you want to pass even. But what matter for him most was Manu. She is addicted of him. After a very long argument, at last agreed to go with her because her mother did not allow her to go alone.
In the morning, I said to my mother that me and Amithi is going to purchase some books for exam. My mother replied go but come back in time. Me and Amithi take a autoriksha and reach to a nearby mall . I saw manu Manu is coming with Vishnu. I said to Amithi you didn’t tell me that Vishnu is also coming with him. She replied so what! What’s wrong with this. I also thought yes she is right. Then, we went to the movie hall and watched a boring romantic movie. I did not like a single scene of the movie same thing was happening with Vishnu too. But both Amithi and Manu was watching that movie, holding hand of each other like they are imagining themselves in the movie. Finally we went to the pizza hut my favorite place , I enjoyed a lot there. Then I saw my watch I said Amithi lets go we spend a lot time there. If mumma will know about it she will definetly kill me. At that time she was watching me like I ask for her both kidney. She want to stay alittle longer but she can’t do anything because she knew that I was so angry at that time. Well we reached to our house. I was so tiered so I did not studied a single word that day. I directly went to my room and slept.
Next morning, I woke up early preparing for my school. I dressed up fast and reached to school . I saw Amithi was not in the class. I thoght may be she was late but the morning prayer bell rang she did not arrived. I decided to ask her cousin why she did not present in the school after morning prayer. As I reached to the class, I went near to Amithi’s cousin and ask her what happened to Amithi, is she alright? For some second she did not replied to me and when she open her mouth she told that her uncle saw us in the mall and he told everything to Amithi’s mother . I was shocked . I fells like there is no ground under my feet. I was thinking, oh god please save her , I don’t know what’s going to happen with her. Her mother will never alow her to attend school if she got to know that Manu is her boyfriend. She will cage her in house, she will not allow to come out even. All these thoughts coming in my mind contineously, I cant even concentrate in my class. When I reached to my home I decided to call her but then I think what if her mother take the call. I did not call her.
In the evening, my doorbell rang I went to the door and saw Amithi’s mother uncle and aunty came. I was surperised why they all came to my home.
I said hello to all, they directly reched to my mother without giving me reply. I also went near to them. They said to my mother,”Did you know where was your daughter tomorrow. ” My mother told them, yes she went to market to purchase some books. They said, no she was with her boyfriend vishnu and she forced Amithi too to go with her. I was shocked. I was like what is this, what the hell they all are said. My mother came near to me and ask what all of them saying. I replied mummy they all are lieing, there is nothing like that. I asked to amithi’s mother who said to you that I have any kind of relation with vishnu. She told Amithi herself. After listening it, tear start rolling in my eyes I did not ulter a single word. They all were contineously blamming me and I stood there like a dead body. That time I was hating her so much, how could she did it to me.
After sometime they all went back their home.
Anger of my mother touch the hieght of the sky. She did not said anything to me, even she did not ask me for food that night.
Next day I wake up and tried to get ready for school but a rude voice came to my ears from kitchen,” there is no need to go to the school.” Again I start crying, I thought she will never allow me to go to school again. Next day I had exam and I was in fear what if she will not allow me to go for exam. I locked myself in the room but it does not effect my mother.
In evening, I listen some voice were coming from outside of my room. I unlocked myself and came out to my room. There I saw Vishnu and Manu wass sitting with my mother in drawing room. I listen Vishnu was trying to tell everything to my mother and Manu also confessed his relation with Amithi. Again, my eyes filled with tear I saw how vishnu was convensing my mother. That time I got to know that who was my real friend. He came like an angel , sort out all the confusion and problems and walk away.
After that my mother said to me why didn’t you told truth to me. I said I tried mummy but you did not listen. My mother’s eye filled with tear she hugs me tight and said but never lie to me again in future.

This incidence teachs me who is my real friend. So its my suggestion to all of you its better to live alone than a bad friend.

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  • July 23, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    Inspiring story and teaches a lesson for life

  • July 23, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    Inspiring story and teaches a lesson for life

  • July 29, 2018 at 4:57 am

    A true story by miss ankita .
    Good that you put every single truth of your life in this story !

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