No Bollywood movie songs as their ringtones.

In a bid to improve the police’s public image, Special Inspector General of Aurangabad Vishwas Nangre Patil has hit upon a novel idea. He has ordered the cops to desist from keeping Bollywood movie songs as their ringtones.

According to the order, , the special IG has taken the decision in order to improve the image of the police. The order says, that it is believed that the ring tones of police officers and personnel in the Aurangabad range are either Bollywood songs or some other loud sound, which is ruining their public image.

In view of the same, he has ordered them to restrain themselves from keeping such ring tones. He said that every police personnel should have a nice and appropriate ring tone.

The respective head of departments are expected to issue instructions regarding the same to their subordinates.

Nangre Patil had earlier served as the Additional Commissioner of Police (western region), which covers areas like Juhu and Bandra, where most movie stars reside. During his tenure, he had built contacts with several people in Bollywood.

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